August 2010

ow – I’m getting a finger cramp!

by Marie Rose on August 30, 2010

Remember how there were over 900 participants in the spring Open Houses?

And remember how they all said they had fun??

Well – we thought it might be nice to keep in touch with them via email – BUT – someone had to type in all of those email addresses!!

Stunningly, at a recent board meeting, Amanda volunteered. After having spent a LOT of time at her computer, she got all of them that were legible into the database!

GREAT JOB AMANDA – this was a really thankless one. (Oh – except that we’re thanking you right now.)

Members’ Skills Camp

by Marie Rose on August 30, 2010

Get rockin’ with a pre-season tune up!

Sign up for a Members’ Skills Camp with drills for:

  • Delivery and balance.
  • Alignment and release.
  • Sweeping and weight judgement.
  • Team shot-out competition.

Details are here.

Learn To Curl

by Marie Rose on August 30, 2010

Sign up now for a fun introduction to the Olympic sport of curling!!

Want to try curling?  It’s fun, and anybody can try it.

Click here for details and to sign up.

Hey, Prez is Still Alive and He Needs YOU!!!

by Andy Banfield on August 30, 2010

OK, so it’s been like 4 months since I updated this. Lots of things happening, and not all good. As most of you know, my health hasn’t been the best. I’ve been struggling with my knees to the point that I curled with a Stick for the first time….ever….at Tropicurl. Always good to curl in a bonspiel with something you’ve never used before!!

But outside of that, Tropicurl went great. We had some hiccups as we always do, so there is room for improvement. One thing that we were down on this year was volunteers to help with setup and ice preparation. I think we had TOO many people last year and this year everybody assumed, eh, they’ll be OK.

Well, guess what happens when you assume. That’s right….you’re wrong most of the time!! Never assume that we have enough help not only for Tropicurl but for anything we do in this Club.

This is a volunteer organization and everyone can use help with something. If someone turns you down for help, be it on the ice crew, warm room, etc., let me know and I’ll have a talk with them.

As we continue to progress toward our own facility, more and more people will have to step up and take on leadership roles in the Club.

Don’t be afraid to offer your time and talents. You might just find that someone needs them, and you can make new friends…for life!! We are CURLERS after all…

See you in September!

2010-2011 League Registration

by Brian Stuart on August 29, 2010

It’s gonna be a FULL HOUSE. Make sure you’re in it!!!  2010-2011 League Registration is open.  Click here.