Hello everybody!

Hope you are enjoying our new look website.  Website High Priestess Marie, Amazingly Technical Brian, and Graphically Gifted Frank have produced an absolutely beautiful new web presence that will continue to cement our place on the internet as one of the best in the Curling World!  It is informative, well organized, and great looking.  Thanks guys for all of your hard work on this.  I know it took many long hours, but it was worth it.  Members of the Club, next time you see one of these 3 Web Stars, tell them thanks!

Now, all we need is to get the button that puts $1 million in the bank account for the new building.  Let me know how that goes…

Remember, no curling this weekend.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, even those who don’t like turkey.  One thing that I know I am thankful for is our club and those of you who work tirelessly to make this club what it is. I hope that there are more good things in store for our club in the future.