Over the next few weeks we’re going to highlight a few of the Rules of Curling that our new curlers might be having trouble with, or are not aware of.  We’ll do this one at a time.

So here’s the first rule dump.  Spares and playing with three players…

Often a team needs one or two spares and there just aren’t enough to go around despite our Scheduling Master’s expertise and powers of persuasion (arm twisting?). As a club policy, a spare always plays lead, or if two spares are on your team, lead and second.  That’s policy.  Now here’s a rule…  If you’re short a player and need to play with three, then the first and second players MUST throw three rocks each and the last player MUST throw two rocks.  Here’s how it’s written in the USCA rule book:

If a player is missing at the start of a game, the team may either:

(i) start the game with three players, the first two players delivering three stones each, and the third player delivering two stones, in which case the missing player may enter the game in the declared delivery rotation and position at the start of an end; or

(ii) start the game using a qualified alternate.

There really aren’t that many rules in the game of curling.  If you’d like to read all of them, you can find them in the US Curling Association Rules Booklet.  The rules are in the last half of the booklet.  Download it and print it off.  It makes great bathroom reading…