Howdy folks.  Been awhile since I’ve been here, but now with the renewed energy of a New Year, and the fact that Dick Clark keeps on, keeping on, guess I should too!  So, here’s my first post for the beginning of 2011.  Though it may be an unoriginal idea to do a resolutions blog, I figure if the Networks can keep dishing out crappy reality shows, instead of actually thinking and coming up with original, thoughtful, serial shows, so can I!!

Thusly, here are my Resolutions for 2011 for the Pittsburgh Curling Club:

1. I resolve to lose 10 pounds…Isn’t it a law that every resolution list has to include this?

2. I resolve to deliver every stone with a rock-foot-rock-foot slide method.  As long as the knee-hip-knee-hip cooperate.

3. I resolve to sweep 1 more stone every game than I do now to help my teammates.  That should bring my sum total to 2 per game.

4. I resolve to be more involved with our new members to help them with this wonderful game and to continue to bring them into the best organization I have EVER been involved in.

5. I resolve to find a new technology that will convert hockey ice to curling ice in under 8 minutes with only 5 people helping.  It will involve some type of nuclear power source so the NRC approvals may take some time.  Also, it will make dosimeters a lovely accessory to be sold in the Logo Shop.

6. I resolve to make sure that we DEFINITELY have a PCC Golf Outing this summer.  Yeah, I know, I’ve said this for about 5 years, but this time I mean it!! (All else fails, it will be a mini-golf tournament at RMUISC)

7. I resolve to continue to look at vacant pieces of land and empty buildings as diamonds in the rough and to keep envisioning them as a curling paradise here in Pittsburgh. I also continue to resolve that no matter how many time I hear NO, I will keep looking…

8. I resolve to always remember my 4 years as President of this Club as some of the best of my life. Thanks gang…