You love it, you want more of it…It’s the President’s blog from the Bonspiel of the Week!  This weeks edition focuses on the Pittsburgh invasion of the Chesapeake Curling Club on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland.  That’s right, Maryland.  Anyone know what NFL football team plays in Maryland?  I said NFL you Redskin fans!!  Yes, we step into the Club warm room and less than 10 seconds after we are there, we hear GO RAVENS!!.  Oy Vey.  We have a Friendly rivalry with our Chesapeake brethren with our Steelers and Ravens.  This makes 2 out of 3 years that two teams are playing each other in the playoffs.  I’m not much of a trash talker, but remind me how the last playoff game went??  Oh Yeah, that put us in the Super Bowl.  Pittsburgh  6  Lombardi’s — The OLD BROWNS – 1.  Let me know when you get to 3 and we’ll start taking it seriously.

Meanwhile, back to the shenanigans on the ice.  Our first game was at 11:15 this morning, a nice leisurely morning that us out of towners aren’t used to.  Our first game was against the Sue Mitchell skipped team of Chesapeakeans.  It was a great game that we were fortunate to prevail 8-5.  The turning point in the game came when we were able to steal 3 in the 6th end to take a 7-3 lead.  We also got to blank the 1st End so I was a happy guy.  Those of you who follow me on the blogs and at home know that I LOVE blank ends!!

During the first draw, 2 of our other Pittsburgh teams were also on the ice.  However, Team Buffington and Team Marvin-Ryall were less fortunate as they lost their first games.   The fourth Pittsburgh team, skipped by Brian Stuart did win their match later in the day.

The events of today setup an interesting potential draw for the Steel City Curlers.  IF, and this is a BIG IF, Team Banfield and Stuart win their games tomorrow at 8:00 AM (ugh..) they will play each other in the semi-final of the A Event, assuring that one Pittsburgh Team will be in the A Event Final.  If both teams lose, the entire bottom half of the C Event will be Pittsburgh Teams playing each other GUARANTEEING that a Pittsburgh Team will be in the C Event Final.  Interesting how you travel 5 hours to play your club members.  But is on dedicated ice so that makes it much better.

Well, it’s almost midnight so the Prez has to get some sleep.  Getting older you know.  We’ll close the bar tomorrow like we always do though.  That’s a promise.  I’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow as they have the COOLEST Pancake Making Machine you have EVER seen.  I may take a video of it for posterity.  Yep, I’m an engineering geek.

Good Luck Pittsburgh Teams tomorrow and Good Luck Steelers.  It will be a much quieter night if you can pull off the W for us.  We’re in enemy territory…we’re under siege…we need your help!!  GO STEELERS!!


No Dum Dum’s were harmed in the typing of this blog.