PCC 2010-2011 League Champions
Team Buffington

And Congratulations Team Visnich
League Champion Runners-Up

For those of you who weren’t there, it was a VERY exciting evening – with new club members challenging more experienced players at every turn!

Let’s start with the semis ->
Not only did Team Seton-La Salle bring a bus-sized group of fans – they elicited a HUGE cheer from everyone when in the 8th end, they scored THREE causing the match to go to Skips Rocks!! Experienced skip, Mark Evans, prevailed and advanced to the finals. But Seton-La Salle families were nonetheless thrilled and are considering putting in their own team for next year!

And in the finals ->
The Pierogi Medal went right to the end – exciting as the fans watched rocks marked on the scoreboard. Congratulations Team Barclay!
In the D Division, it was Team Evans vs. Team Temple. Sheet A was, well, sheet A, and a close match had Team Temple winning!
C division play provided all the drama we needed – Team Edmonds made a brilliant shot in the 8th end to tie the match. The extra end had fans and cowbells busy – guards, drawing the port, a great last rock by Dan resulting in shot, followed by the final stone thrown by Frank Sottile to win the match for Team Hoffman! COWBELLS!!!!!!!!
The B division was a great match to watch – although fans had a tough time NOT rooting for the club’s youngest player – Branwen – of Team Robbinson. And although Team Tammariello gave them a run for their money, Team Robbinson won the match. Congratulations Team Robbinson!
Finally – the A division – League Championship Match! Wicked fast ice was certainly a challenge. “The rocks kept GOING and GOING” said skip Steve. “And we could never really relax, Team Visnich is just too good.” But sheet C, with its always interesting take on the generally accepted laws of physics, caused potential take-out rocks to pull to the outside, giving Team Buffington the edge. Congratulations Team Buffington!