The PCC’s annual meeting was held Wed. March 30 and we’re very pleased to say that turnout was the best it’s ever been. In a very bloodless coup, Steve Buffington was nominated and elected President of the PCC. Incumbents Amy Hannan, Marie Rose and Brian Stuart were elected for a three year term. AND . . Welcome Jacki Temple – newest member of the Board of Directors! Jacki will replace Jen Artz.

The executive committee (elected for one year) is as follows:

President — Steve Buffington
Vice President — Andy Banfield
Secretary — Michelle Crown
Treasurer — Daphne Roberts

Directors serving to 2012
Andy Banfield, Dan Bliss, Amanda Marchitelli, Jacki Temple

Directors serving to 2013
Rich Ashford, Michelle Crown, Daphne Roberts, Jennifer Poeschl

Directors serving to 2014
Steve Buffington, Amy Hannan, Marie Rose, Brian Stuart

The Board would like to thank Jen Artz for filling in during this last year and wishes her well in her next journey – motherhood!

And to Andy Banfield, we can never say Thank You enough. Andy, who had previously served as club VP, became President when Sandra McMakin moved to Maryland. Although initially nervous, Andy quickly warmed to the position and has done a great job running the league and TropiCurl. He’s been a voice for our club in the curling community – talking with other clubs about everything from membership to equipment. As our liason to RMU, Andy has always had our best interests at heart – negotiating contracts, and getting every bit of ice time possible for us during the season. But all of this pales to his general enthusiasm for both the sport and encouraging new members to “get out there and curl”. His positive attitude has resulted in club growth, new member retention, and lots of new bonspielers.

Remaining as club VP, Andy is now shifting his focus to Phase 2 of the Building Committee. He is currently arranging for delivery of used equipment from local clubs (more on that in the future!) and is organizing the shift from “build a new building” to “renovate an existing building” – a successful strategy employed by the Columbus Curling Club.

The only thing to say besides “Thanks” is “glad you’re still on the Board!”