May 2011

Monday May 23 – 7:30
This date may change – please keep checking!!
Paradise Bowl in the private room
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Remember – if you’re curling – PLEASE contact Jen Artz or Steve Buffington to let them know what your volunteer ideas are.

May 21 – Venture Outdoors

by Marie Rose on May 22, 2011

Click here for info

May 19 Building Committee

by Marie Rose on May 20, 2011


We’ve got lots of exciting news – including a CHILLER and DEHUMIDIFIERS!!

7:30P Andy’s office, Wexford at->PVE Sheffler, LLC.
Email Andy Banfield for info on which entrance to use (it’s a big building) ->

May 9 Board Meeting

by Marie Rose on May 10, 2011

PCC Board Meeting
Monday May 9
7:30P Hat Trick Club

Everyone’s welcome to attend!