TropiCurl – 7 Seas

What is it?
TropiCurl is a curling tournament (called a bonspiel) hosted each year by the Pittsburgh Curling Club at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center. 48 teams from the US and Canada will compete over 4 days – one of the largest events in the United States!

Can we come and watch?
Yes you can! Matches will be played starting ~5P Thurs July 5 and run all day Friday, Saturday and until mid-afternoon Sunday. There is no charge to come and watch – so bring the whole gang! You’ll be able to get close to the ice and really get a feel for the game.

What if I’d like to try curling?
We offer Learn to Curl sessions for anyone interested trying it! We’ll have some classes towards the end of summer; just email us and we’ll put you on our contact list:

Come see what the Hottest Sport on Ice is all about!