TropiCurl Planning Meeting

Tuesday Jan 29
Paradise Island Private room (on the right as you enter the bowling alley)

Wanna help with TropiCurl?

Come to one of our planning meetings – there are SOOOO many jobs we could use help with.

We’ll be advertising shortly with signup sheets weekly on the glass.

Can’t make this meeting? Look for future ones – or contact Steve, Marie, Brian, Amy, Amanda, Jen – if you’d like to be involved.

What is TropiCurl?
TropiCurl is a summer bonspiel hosted by the Pittsburgh Curling Club July 4-7 at RMUISC on their main ice.
This year’s theme is “Pieces of Eight” – our 8th year!
TropiCurl is the largest fundraiser of the year for our club and is one of the largest bonspiels in the US with 48 teams.

We’ll get the ice and Hat Trick Club Tuesday night July 2 around 10P. The ice crew (anyone can help!) will work overnight turning a hockey arena into 5 sheets of very respectable summer curling ice.

Meanwhile the food crew will be unloading aircraft carrier volumes of food, roasters and everything required for lunches and dinners.

Bar service will be contracted through RMU’s catering services.

Areas we’ll need help with:
ice crew: the intial push to make the ice, then throughout the tournament – scraping, mopping and doing any and all jobs that pop up. The ice crew is headed by Jim Meyer, Brian Stuart and Steve Buffington.

hospitality crew – much of this can be done in advance: making goodie bags to hand to each team, getting some local literature to put on a table in the foyer. There will also be a group that greets teams and insures waivers are signed before people step on the ice.

Logo shop: Jen Poeschl heads the logo shop selling event-specific tees, pins as well as other PCC gear.

TropiCurl Auction: Baskets are auctioned off “Chinese Auction” style. We will be soliciting basket donations from members and local businesses. Amanda Marchitelli heads the auction.

Food crew: significant portions are done in advance including menu planning, food ordering and procurement as well as some food prep. Throughout the tournament, meal prep, service and cleanup are required. We need 2-3 people for each meal. Marie Rose heads the food crew.

Games: Amy Hannan has traditionally run a very fun game called “BOX!!” on Friday. She makes 7 mystery boxes (one per draw). One team per draw wins. She is often soliciting items to include in the boxes (4 of each item per box). If you have any ideas or can donate 28 items, please let her know! Boat race: Last year Ian Webb concocted what was a fantastic fun event – a boat race through a canal. He designed, assembled and purchased all of the required materials. We’re going to see if he’s available but he’s currently on an extended work assignment out of the country. If you would like to get involved – this is really fun. A cash prize was given to the team with the best time.

Final cleanup: Sunday afternoon the ice must be broken down completely so the Zamboni can get out and start prepping for hockey. The Hat Trick club must be emptied of everything. All food must be cleared out. This is a big effort and the main crew is pretty tired at this point. Take charge helpers are GREATLY appreciated.

Other areas already under way:
Registration committee: Brian Stuart and Amy Hannan
RMU-PCC ice coordinator: Steve Buffington
Hotel sponsor: Marie Rose
Logo design: Jacki Temple
Award pin design: Frank Sottile

Items we will be soliciting:
Your time
Coolers for food storage
Your time
Roasters to prepare food
Auction basket donations
Your time – get it???

If you would like to help out – contact any of the committee heads above, sign up on the glass (we’ll have big sheets ready soon) or contact Marie Rose:

This is an incredible event – and even though it’s a lot of work – it’s a lot of fun! So please consider donating some of your time!