The 2013 edition of the Steelers-Browns Challenge held on February 17 was won by the Mayfield Curling Club. The final score was close, but the Browns were victorious.

Many thanks to our friends at Mayfield for inviting us into their home. This year, six of the Pittsburghers had never set foot on dedicated curling ice. It was their first introduction to what a curling facility looks like, so thank you Mayfield for making this event memorable for all of us.

The Challenge is a one day, two game, friendly competition between Mayfield and Pittsburgh. Three Pittsburgh teams are hosted. (Mayfield has three sheets of ice!) Points for score, ends won, and game wins are totaled for the six games played to determine if the Browns or the Steelers win. This year the Browns pulled it off by winning a close one in one of the final games. Very exciting.