For many of the Arena Curling Championships participants, it was their first time at a National event, and a first time using a timer and umpire. This was certainly true for the PCC, adding increased pressure to what they knew would be some tough matches. But, both teams stepped up, playing very rapidly with time left on the clock for those last critical shots. And critical shots they were. Both teams played right to the last rocks of their 8th ends in all matches, with some matches going to the 9th ends. Both teams BEAT teams that were considered favorites, and both teams won in critical matches, keeping them alive well into Saturday afternoon. Everyone adjusted to very swingy ice, generally meshing their calls, weights and sweeping to make LOTS of impressive shots. For the spectators, every game was a nailbiter, and although direct communication with players was disallowed, cowbells were encouraged (and used!)

Congratulations to Teams Temple and Robinson – winners of 2 games each in the inaugural USCA Arena Curling Championships!! GREAT CURLING! Way to represent Pittsburgh!!!

I don’t know why the other teams didn’t just concede after seeing this!