Registration for the 2017-2018 Curling Season


The Pittsburgh Curling Club has one league which plays on Saturday nights. Everybody plays together. Everybody learns together. Everybody has fun together. The league is called the Can-Am league for historical reasons – reasons which are lost in antiquity.

The Can-Am League is split into two groups, A and B. Each group plays on alternating Saturdays at 9 pm. There are 10 regularly scheduled matches for each group. The top teams in each group make the playoffs. Members of a Can-Am group may spare in the other Can-Am group and during Vampire Curling (see below) at no additional cost.

While we strive to honor everyone’s choice of Group A or B, we may have to shuffle people between the groups to balance out the schedule.

The 2017-2018 ice schedule is here.

We have more curling for crazy people – Vampire Curling. Vampires play at 11:30 pm weekly with clean-up around 1:15 am… Yup. Crazy.  Vampire Curling may be a formal league, pick-up curling, or practice time.  It can be anything you want it to be. A Vampire may spare in the Can-Am League at no additional cost. Using this structure, we have 40 curlers in each Can-Am League group and up to 40 curlers in Vampire Curling.

As with years past, there are a couple of weeks where we don’t have ice, and a couple of weeks where our start time may be pushed back slightly.

There is also a Social Membership for those who would like to support the club but won’t be curling. Social members may attend all social events. A Social Member may curl as a spare in the Can-Am League or Vampire Curling once per season with additional requests to play requiring board approval. See below for an explanation of sparing.

If you have any questions just ask Brian at

What's a Spare?

There are always a few people who can’t play for various reasons on any given week. When a team is short one or more players they need a spare. If you want to spare you get your name put on the spare list. “Permanent Spares” are people who joined to spare all the time. They do not have a team so they get first dibs on spare spots available. Once the Permanent Spares are placed, others who volunteered to spare get placed on a first come first serve basis.

Downside… Spares, including Permanent Spares, are not eligible for awards or play-off recognition.

It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Sparing is fun. You get more practice time and you get to meet a lot more people.


New Member Information

New members may join any time on or after August 25. Membership is open to returning members only until August 25, 2016. On that date the password will be removed from the registration form and any remaining spots may be claimed by anybody.

New members do not need any equipment to get started. We supply brooms and sliders which is all you need. The registration form asks for the size of slider you would like. Slider sizes are listed on this page. Don’t fret too much about slider size. If it’s not right we can can fix it later. If you have any questions please email Brian at

You may register as a full team, a partial team, or as an individual. We attempt to fill partial teams with individuals. (A team is four players.)

If registering as a full or partial team, there’s a place on the registration form to enter teammate names.

The registration fee is per person.

Returning Member Information

Registration for returning members is open now. The password to access the registration form will be sent via email to returning members. On August 25, 2017 the password will be removed and registration will be open to all. First come, first serve, so don’t delay registering.

Membership Categories and Fees
Can-Am – Adult (Ages 21-59) $250.00
Can-Am – Senior (Ages 60+) $225.00
Can-Am – Student (Full-time student) $225.00
Combo – Can-Am and Vampire (All Ages) $425.00
Vampire (All ages) $220.00
Social (All ages) $10.00

All fees are per person.

Note that fees are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Payment Method

Payment of fees will be through PayPal only this season. No checks will be accepted.

You do not need a PayPal account to pay your fee. The PayPal payment gateway accepts payment by credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. This is what you’ll see when you check out.