Charitable Purpose

The following are the purposes for which this organization has been organized: to teach, develop, promote and encourage the sport of Curling; to develop youth and adult programs that lead to local, national and international competition; to coordinate and develop inter-scholastic competition; and to teach the sport to youth organizations as well as to interested adults by creating public awareness and appreciation for the sport.

Officers and Directors

President — Steve Buffington
Vice President — Mark Robinson
Secretary — Karyn Drombosky
Treasurer — Daphne Roberts

Directors serving to 2017
Steve Buffington, Marie Rose, Brian Stuart, Neill Turner

Directors serving until 2018
Dan Bliss, Karyn Drombosky, Len Jarabeck, Amanda Marchitelli

Directors serving until 2019
Anastasia Brown, Kim O’Dell, Daphne Roberts, Mark Robinson

Our mailing address:

Pittsburgh Curling Club
PO Box 16095
Pittsburgh, PA 15242


Curling at:

Robert Morris University Island Sports Center
7600 Grand Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15225