Building Committee Meeting 7/28/2012

Building Committee Meeting 7/28/2012



Brian Stuart has been named the Chairman of the Building Committee. To date, Brian has spent countless hours researching building construction costs, commercial property availability, warehouse rentals as well as providing a club profile for the Pittsburgh Day of Giving and submitting a grant application to the Darwin Curtis Award administered through the USCA. Brian has also contacted the Pittsburgh Penguins regarding ice time at their planned sports complex to be located in Cranberry.

One of the first concerns is land and location.

Land: We have an offer on a property located in the I79 corridor. This land may be located in a flood plain. FEMA data is being obtained to determine the feasibility of locating a club there. Advantages: immediately available for development and more affordable than purchasing a commercial property. Obviously, if the FEMA data looks promising, significant discussions with the property owner would need to occur. There is consensus move quickly towards our goal of owning our own club will allow us to retain current membership and attract more members with 7 day ice availability.

If flood plain data determines that it would be unwise to locate the club on this piece of property, we have to decide between purchasing commercial property or leasing and renovating a warehouse (like Columbus curling club).

Leasing: currently lease rates on warehouses run about $5/sqft per year. A three sheet club would require approximately 10,000 square feet (7,200 for the ice itself, then a warm room and bathrooms). A real estate agent specializing in property leasing would likely be required.

Purchase commercial property: We have been finding properties ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 that are 2 acres or larger (2 acres would allow for a 4 sheet building design depending on the shape of the plot). We’d need to sign a contract with a commercial real estate agent to have access to all of the listings in our target area.

Next meeting: Monday August 20th 7:30P. Location to be determined – check the website.