General Information
Pittsburgh Curling Club
PO Box 16095
Pittsburgh, PA 15242

We curl most Saturday’s from October to March at the Robert Morris University Island Sports Center on Neville Island.

Executive Committee
President: Steve Buffington
Vice President: Leonard Jarabeck
Treasurer: Daphne Roberts
Secretary: Karyn Drombosky

Board of Directors
Dan Bliss
Dustin Devine
Len Jarabeck
Amanda Marchitelli
Kim O’Dell
Marie Rose
Doug Sterling
Neill Turner

Drawmaster: Steve Buffington
League Scheduling: Leonard Jarabeck
Membership: Brian Stuart
Learn To Curl: Dan Bliss
Team Building Corporate Events: Dan Bliss
Sponsorship Opportunities: Amanda Marchitelli
Fundraising: Amanda Marchitelli
Pro Shop: Brian Stuart
Logo Shop: Amanda Marchitelli
Events: Marie Rose
Icemaking: Jim Meyer
Tropicurl Summer Bonspiel: Brian Stuart