Wanna try your hand at curling? Don’t be shy – we’ve got a couple of different formats and time slots that will likely fit you!

Can-Am League
This league will play (more or less) every other Saturday night – lots of curling and lots of free weekends too. Ice time starts at 9:00P.

Vampire League
For the late night crowd – this option gets you weekly Saturday night curling (again, more or less) with games starting at about 11:30P.

There are also some mixed league options available – where you can play in both leagues. Keep reading!

For Returning PCC members – click here.

FAQs for new curlers:

I’m worried that I’m not good enough for league play. NOT TRUE! To date, our club has sent ZERO curlers to the Olympics – so you could be first!!! We have curlers of all levels – those who play casually for a fun evening out, and those who are working to develop their skills. You will definitely do just fine!

Is the ice slippery? The ice is specially prepared with a “pebbled” surface before the Can Am League begins. This is significantly less slippery than you might think. You can also purchase grippers for a minimum price that help tremendously. (Most curlers wear grippers).

I don’t have a whole team – can I join anyway?
You bet! We often have teams that need 1 or 2 players – and this is a GREAT way to learn from more experienced curlers relatively quickly.

I have 4 players – can we be on the same team? Yep! We love it when we have full teams! And we’ll do our best to try to provide some guidance for your first few games so you learn the rules and improve your technique as quickly as possible.

If I sign up for the Can Am league, can I curl more often than my league games? Yes you can. Membership in ANY league makes you eligible to spare for an absent player in another league – without an additional charge. BUT – these slots may be limited. There will also likely be open ice that you can practice on (which will likely have a wristband fee).

OK – I’ve been a couch potato for a couple of years – can I really do this? Not only can you really do it, you’ll get great exercise while having a LOT of fun.

I want to give it a try, but my knees won’t let me get into a crouch. Yeah – well – LOTS of us fall into that category. And the best thing about curling is that we also have STICK CURLING. Using a curling cue, you don’t need to crouch and slide, but instead walk and release the rock from a curling cue.

What about wheelchair curlers? We have wheelchair curling! RMU Island Sports Center is fully wheelchair accessible. And again – one of the great thing about curling is that wheelchair, stick and slide curlers can all curl together – on mixed teams! Wheelchair curlers do not sweep, so should dress WARMLY (actually, everyone should dress in layers with warm clothes in their aresenal).

I have kids – can they curl? Matches in the Can Am League are 2 hours – so you should assess whether your child will have fun for the full 2 hours. Usually we recommend 12 and over for full league play but this may vary if your kids have played other sports.

Do you guys do stuff together outside of curling? We do! We frequently go out after league curling for pizza, and also travel to tournaments for a weekend of fun.

So it all sounds good, but how much other stuff do I have to buy to participate? You don’t have to buy ANYTHING else. A new curler receives a slider as part of their registration. Club brooms are available to use. And of course we have the rocks! The only recommended item would be grippers at a cost of $20 – $30 per pair.

OK – stop blabbing and tell me how to sign up! Heh heh heh . . . we knew we’d get you. Prepare for fun! Info’s below.

League Fees:

Can-Am league only (CURRENTLY FULL. We’re taking mail in registrations for the wait list.)
Played every other week – 10 regularly scheduled matches. Top teams make the playoffs.
May spare in the other Can-Am and Vampire leagues at no additional cost.
Adults: $180
Seniors and students: $165

Vampire League only
Can be played weekly – therefore 20 matches plus GUARANTEED 1 playoff match.
Matches are played late draw only.
May spare in the Can-Am League at no additional cost
Adults: $270 Seniors and students: $250

Combo – Can-Am/Vampire League (CURRENTLY FULL. We’re taking mail in registrations for the wait list.)
30 matches plus Guaranteed 1 Vampire playoff match.
May spare in Can-Am and Vampire Leagues at no additional cost
Adults, seniors, and students: $350

Social Membership
Supporters of the club and curling fans can join as Social Members for $10 for the season. You aren’t entitled to curl, but you can attend all social functions, including our annual Steel Spiel. You don’t need to sign a waiver since you won’t be on the ice. (Although you certainly can sign a waiver and come to take embarassing photos of friends and family!)

Note that fees are not deductible for income tax purposes.

The game schedule is here. Meet your Team night will be 09/29/2012.

All fees must be paid by 09/29/2012. We recognize that up front payment of the wristband fee may be difficult for some. Please consider paying in installments in any amount that is comfortable for you up through 09/29/2012.

You can mail a check, or installment checks, to the PO Box listed on the registration form, or pay by Paypal or credit card using the buttons below.

The registration form is here. You can print it and mail it in, or email the details to membership@pittsburghcurlingclub.com.

Please print and sign the 2012-2013 waiver. You can mail it in or bring it to the first night of curling.

We hope you can join us this season!

Can-Am League (CURRENTLY FULL. We’re taking mail in registrations for the wait list.)

Vampire League

Combo – Can-Am/Vampire League $350 (CURRENTLY FULL. We’re taking mail in registrations for the wait list.)

Social Membership $10