Andy Banfield is in charge of scheduling matches and keeping tabs of spares at If you’re going to miss a night – email Andy and he’ll get a spare for your team.

If you’re registered as a Permanent Spare and would like to spare one night, email Andy to let him know you’re available.  Note: permanent spares take precedence over all other league members for sparing but you have to let him know!!!

If you’re Vampire League only and would like to spare for the Can Am league – email Andy!  He’ll let you know if there’s likely a spot for you (after permanent spares).

If you’re CanAm League – you can spare on your non league night or for the Vampire League.  AGAIN – email Andy!

IN ALL CASES, ONLY IF THERE ARE ABSENTEES CAN WE ACCOMODATE SPARES. (although there’s usually space).  Just be sure to confirm your spot with Andy prior to arriving.