Starting Saturday June 13, 2020, the Pittsburgh Curling Club will begin a phased reopening plan in accordance with guidelines from the CDC, GNCC, USCA, and state authorities. The plan is outline in the attachment below. Please follow all requirements while at PCC.

Phased Reopening for the Pittsburgh Curling Club

The Curling Club will follow a Phased approach for reopening. As we all gain comfort in this process, and assuming that the region does not see a large resurgence in covid-19 cases, we will move to the next phase. We are intentionally being conservative here and initially, curling and access to the club will be for club members only. NOTE: While similarly named, the following phases do not correspond in any way to the PA State phases for reopening.

Curling Club Red phase:

  • Masks required in the building at all times, including the ice.
  • One-way traffic in the club. Markings have been placed on the floor to guide the flow of traffic.
  • One sweeper during throws, outside sheets must use the siding to walk back, inside sheets must use opposite sides to walk back to increase social distancing. Team not throwing should stand off the ice if possible. Skips should also follow social distancing recommendations.
  • No use of locker room (bathroom access will be available). Come dressed for curling, and put shoes on in broomstacking area (socially distant seating is provided).
  • Only curlers in the league occurring can be in the club (+ice makers) unless the curler requires assistance from another person.
  • If you travel to a region with an active outbreak or are in at-risk contact with an individual who has tested positive, please do not come to the club for a period of two weeks after that event, or until you have received a negative test result.
  • Predetermine color and hammer.
  • No handshakes, elbow taps, or any other physical contact (but do still say GOOD CURLING!)


Curling Club Yellow phase:

  • Masks highly recommended in the building at all times, including on the ice.
  • Two-way traffic may resume, with pausing to allow others to pass before you.
  • Use of locker rooms may resume.
  • Two sweepers during throws may be used.
  • Limited spectators may enter the building and observe curling, provided they follow club guidelines and sign a waiver.
  • In house spiel can occur.
  • Public learn to curls may start with restrictions – limit number. Groups that come together can curl on the same sheet, but separate groups should not be put together (i.e. one sheet may have a group of 4 while another sheet may have fewer participants.
  • Group Learn to Curl events can occur since those individuals will interact with each other normally.
  • If you travel out of the area, self-police and do not come if you think you could have been exposed.


Curling Club Green phase:

  • Masks suggested.
  • Normal club foot traffic resumes.
  • Normal play resumes.
  • Learn to curls back to normal.
  • Host friendly.
  • Broomstacking can occur.


After Green:

  • Bonspiels! (According to USCA, these really shouldn’t start till Spring).
  • Back to normal, fully operational