Below is a list of the draws, start times, and drawmasters for the Spring 2020 session. Drawmaster contact info is linked. Please contact drawmasters about absences, sparing opportunities, or any questions about each draw.

Current Draws, Times, and Drawmasters:

Draw Name Start Time Drawmaster
Sunday Open 3:45pm Karyn Drombosky
Sunday Doubles 6:30pm Sean Mizerski
Moday Women’s 6:30pm Harley Rohrbacher
Monday Men’s 8:30pm Mark Robinson
Tuesday Open 6:30pm Daniel Edmonds
Wednesday Open Early 6:30pm Mark EvansĀ andĀ Erin McManus
Wednesday Open Late 8:30pm Tim Gregorius and Evan Gregorius
Thursday Open Early 6:30pm Bryan Spang and Daniel Edmonds
Thursday Open Late 8:30pm Theresa Walker
Saturday CanAm 6:30pm Burt Cubbison and Jacki Temple