Draw times, and Draw-masters:  Spring/Summer,  Session beginning April 19th ending August 29th 2021

Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Time  3:30pm-5:30pm
Format Open Draw
Drawmaster Karyn Drombosky
Time 6pm-8pm 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm 4pm-6pm
Format Doubles Open Draw Open Draw Open Draw Open Draw
Drawmaster Sean Mizerski Ryan Waskiewicz Mark Robinson

Burt Cubbison

Steve Buffington

These are initial draw offerings, additional draws and times may be added as demand develops.

The Spring/Summer session runs from April 19th 2021 to August 29th 2021.   Ice plans allow for a range of participation equal to the number of draws included in the plan.   Members can use their allotted draws at any time during the Fall/Spring 2020-2021 session.

Open draws are pick-up but you can bring a full team or request to play with others.  Please email the draw master for the draw in which you would like to play NO LATER THAN 12pm on the day of the draw and NO EARLIER THAN one week before the draw.

The club continues to operate under state mandated COVID guidelines.  Masks must be worn at all times within the building.  Social Distancing and other measures remain in place.  See the club’s COVID plan here:  www.pittsburghcurlingclub.com/covid-info/phased-reopening-plan