Welcome back everyone to a new curling season.

Just a few reminders to make everyone’s experience the best it can be:

1.┬áIt is your team’s responsibility to get your rocks to the ice for cool down. There are 80 stones with
a cumulative weight of 3,360lbs. This is a lot for a handful of people but with a couple of people from each rink it only
takes about 5 minutes to get the rocks to the ice.

2. If your rink curls the last draw then you are required to help with tear down, which includes putting rocks away and making sure all the equipment is properly stored.

3. At the conclusion of a match: It’s the winning rink’s responsibility to clean the sheet immediately after the match. This is
done by running the 90″ cloth mop up and down the sheet. Obviously this only applies to the 9pm draw to get it ready for Vampire League play.

4. CLEAN SHOES: It is crucial to keep the ice surface as clean as possible. It is shoes that are usually the culprit. It is highly
recommended to bring a clean pair of tennis shoes with you to change into before coming onto the ice surface. Keeping the ice surface clean is a team effort and the team’s efforts can’t be achieved unless everyone is on board!