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Club President:  -> president@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

General information: ->info@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Membership: ->membership@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Scheduling: ->scheduling@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Learn To Curl: -> learn2curl@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Sponsorship Info: -> sponsors@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Logo Shop: ->logoshop@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Pro Shop: -> proshop@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Events planning:-> events@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Ice making Info: -> icemaker@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

Some useful forms – just click the one you want:

Curling 101 – An excellent tri-fold curling pamphlet assembled by Lora Kennedy and Jen Poeschl

This section contains example images you can use for a family newsletter or school activity program. If you’d like a high resolution image, let us know how you’d like to use it and request it from our club secretary:   secretary@pittsburghcurlingclub.com

PLEASE NOTE: Permission is required to use the official Pittsburgh Curling Club logo.