Leonard and Neill will be in charge of scheduling matches and keeping tabs of spares this season. Contact them at

If you’re going to miss a night – email Scheduling before noon on Saturday for the week of the game in question and they will try get a spare for your team.

If you’re registered as a Permanent Spare and would like to spare, email Scheduling before noon on the Saturday of that week to let us know you’re available.  Note: permanent spares take precedence over all other league members in this regard, but still must let scheduling know if you plan to spare in a given week.

If you’re a Can-Am or Olympic League Member – you can spare in any draw in any league this season.  AGAIN – email Scheduling!

Scheduling will accept requests to spare for the upcoming week, once the current weeks games have concluded.

Spares are assigned in the order requests are received. First Priority is given to Permanent Spares, followed in order by alternates in attendance then all other club members desiring to spare.

IN ALL CASES, ONLY IF THERE ARE ABSENTEES CAN WE ACCOMMODATE SPARES. (Generally spaces are available)  Contact Scheduling, we will let you know if space is likely available.