Here’s the LIKELY 2014 menu – just so you have a basic idea of how we do our meals. THINGS MAY CHANGE!!!

Note: V = vegetarian, GF = gluten free. No tree nuts or oils are used in cooking. We regret that we cannot accommodate other dietary restrictions or allergies. V and GF have been well researched. GF curlers should please see Marie (the cook, usually outside under the porch) and let her know about your mealtimes. GF foods are available only to those curlers who let us know in advance. Vegetarians – there’s lots for everyone – so eat up!


Thursday Night 5P-8P
BBQ pork, BBQ chicken (GF)
Moroccan stew (V, GF)
“slider” rolls
Tex mex rice (V, GF)
mandarin orange tossed salad (V,GF)
cheese board (V, GF) – prepared by Beth Cubbison

Friday Lunch 11:30A – 1:30P
Chicken Fajitas (GF)
Tortillas or taco shells (check for GF)
all the fixins to make tortillas, tacos or a salad (V, mostly GF)
grilled veggies (V, GF)
homemade hummus (V, GF)
cookies and snacks (a few are GF)

Friday Dinner 5P – 8P
Meatballs (GF see Marie)
cheese tortellini (V, GF see Marie)
ratatouille (V, GF)
italian green beans (V, GF)
tossed salad (V, GF)

Saturday lunch 11:30A – 1:30P
Wraps/sandwiches – something like that! (some V, GF)
Macaroni salad – generously prepared and donated by Joanne Berwick (V, GF – see Marie)
Tomato salad (V, GF)
Cookies and snacks (a few are GF)

Saturday Dinner 5P – 8P
roasted chicken breast a la Len (GF)
Johnsonville Brats
sauerkraut (V, GF)
mashed potatoes (V, GF)
Layered salad (V, GF)
gingered orange carrots (V, GF)

Sunday lunch – served BEFORE and AFTER the Finals 11:30A – 1:30P AND 3P – 4P as needed
Burgers (GF)
veggie burgers (V)
hotdogs (check for GF status)
Italian pasta salad (V)
potato salad (V, GF)
tossed salad – literally tossed. We’ll toss everything we have left into a big leafy extravaganza (V, GF)

Big thanks to food crew assists:
Beth Cubbison – shopping and preparing the cheese board
Amanda Marchitelli – broomstacking, desserts
Amy Hannan – the unbelievable caramel corn – and gluten free items
Joanne Berwick – homemade macaroni salad – including gluten free
Len Jarabeck – roasted chicken
Mac Purvis – uber assistant
Michelle Crown – “on call – always smiling!”
Mike Spampinato – bagged ice
Jen Poeschl – generously donating lunch to the ice crew