What is a bonspiel? Bonspiels is a fancy term for a curling tournament. What is a Friendly? It is a small bonspiel between two clubs.

Our facility is ADA compliant with easy access to the ice and an elevated warm room for great viewing.

Upcoming Bonspiels:
GNCC Men’s Senior Championships – Nov. 16-19, 2023
Pittsburgh Party Spiel – Jan 19-21, 2024
GNCC Francis Dykes – Feb. 22-25, 2024
TropiCurl – June 6-9, 2024

Thanks to the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County for their support of the 2023-2034 Bonspiel Series

GNCC Francis Dykes

Co-hosted with Broomstones Curling Club
Feb. 22-25, 2024
Live Draw
“The GNCC and USCA have worked together to make both events a qualifier. The folks at Broomstones were very generous in forgoing the automatic qualification their event held, to allow our participants in Pittsburgh a chance to qualify as well. So thank you to Bob Hogan, Dean Gemmell and Sam Ogelsby and the rest of the committee at Broomstones for working out a solution to the qualifying status of the event. The plan on winners of the event remains the same, there will be two winners for each event and both team names will be engraved on each trophy. Both winning teams of the A event will participate in a play-down for the qualifying spot at 5U Nationals. Not all the details have been worked out but the winning teams will compete at a date and placed to be determined. The format will be a best of three game series with the winner receiving the qualification. I am sure there are questions regarding this and we will have answers forthcoming. I understand this may have impacted each teams decision on what event to participate in, unfortunately both the participants and organizers did not know this is how things were going to develop.” – Larry Bocchiere – GNCC Chair, Francis Dykes Memorial Bonspiel

All Teams must certify eligibility.
If you have questions, please email

GNCC Men’s Senior Championships

Pittsburgh Party Spiel

Jan. 19-21, 2024
Team Entry Fee: $450 * 24 Teams Limit
Open Format
Live Draw
If you have questions, please email