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Learn To Curl ( LTC1 )
September 2024 – May 2025 dates coming soon
September 2024 – May 2025 dates coming soon

Do you want to try curling? Whether it’s checking an item off of your bucket list or fulfilling your dreams of becoming a Olympic curler, the Pittsburgh Curling Club can help! No prior experience is required.

Our curling classes are run by experienced members of the club who can provide you with a great introduction to the sport.

Our introductory Learn To Curl ( LTC1 ) consists of:

  • 10 minutes of off-ice introduction and instruction
  • followed by approximately 45-60 minutes of on-ice instruction
  • an hour or so of instructed game play. 
  • Broomstacking, socializing after the game.

In addition to our introductory learn to curl session, we also offer an extended learn to curl series to prepare you to jump in and have some fun in one of our many leagues! The extended Learn To Curl series is 4 hours of instruction over 2 sessions that focus on fundamental skills and knowledge to get you ready for the ice. The series consist of:

  • LTC2 – Refining the delivery precision, weight, and accuracy.  Additional strategy and theory
  • LTC3 – A full 2 hour game with a mentor

Each class can purchased individually or combined into a complete 6 hour program.  Discounted rates applied when purchasing LTC1 in conjunction with LTC 2 & 3.

The combined LTC2 & LTC3 package is available for a limited time for only $75.  Register for this plus LTC1 to get the full 6 hour program!

Please arrive 15 early to fill out your waiver and get grippers. You can also print your own waiver here.

If you have any questions, email learn2curl@pittsburghcurlingclub.com. Please note that we are volunteer run organization and replies might take up to 48 hours.

If you are they type of person who would read a chapter ahead in school, or you just like curling videos, check out our helpful videos page.

Give the gift of Curling – Gift Certificates Now Available!!!
The gift certificates can be used for Learn to Curls and more. For more information email learn2curl@pittsburghcurlingclub.com.

What are people saying about our Learn to Curls….

  • “Instructors seemed passionate and were personable.”
  • “… made us feel confident and comfortable.”
  • “Didn’t know what to expect and had a blast.”
  • “Friendly, fun, and motivating.”
  • “(Instructors) were amazing and super helpful!”
  • “It was fun and tricky, lots to learn.”
  • “The information provided and knowledge was excellent.”
  • “Our coaches were fun and made things easy to understand”

Curlers with cranky knees, sore backs, other mobility issues can enjoy the greatest game on ice using the stick, a delivery device that allows a player to play without using a traditional slide delivery. Let us know if it may be difficult to do a traditional slide delivery, and we can help get you all set. Check out this video on stick curling.

The Pittsburgh Curling Club also has Wheelchair Curling.

– You can jump right in and become a regular member which allows you to join leagues or come out to pick-up.
– If you want to take things a little slower, we are offering a Beginner Membership package that provide additional instruction.

Check out our membership page for more information.

Nothing – We have rubber grippers that you can put on the bottom of your shoes and brooms for you to use.

You should dress in warm, comfortable clothes – track pants or sweatpants work best. You want to wear layers that could be removed, when you are sweeping, you will get warm quickly.  If you typically get cold easily, you might want to have additional layers, a hat and/or gloves.  On-ice temperature is usually around 35 – 40°F.

Please wear clean athletic rubber soled shoes such as tennis shoes. We prefer that you bring your shoes and change them after entering the building, in an effort to reduce the amount of outside dirt that makes it onto the ice.

In most cases this is not a problem. Please send email to learn2curl@pittsburghcurlingclub.com with your request, and we will do our best to accommodate.

491 McCoy Road 
Pittsburgh, PA 15136
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