Wheelchair Curling
Yep – we have wheelchair curling and would love to have you curl with us!

We currently have 2 wheelchair club members playing on mixed teams. Our teams are made up of a complete mixture of wheelchair curlers, slide curlers (traditional style delivery) and stick curlers (curlers who use a delivery cue instead of sliding out of the hack).

So come on out and join us – it’s really fun!!

Matt, who is student teaching this year, is a curler and member of Team Bliss.
In this October 2010 Allegheny West Magazine article, he cites curling as a great sport for keeping in shape – on the ice and in a wheelchair!

Thanks for letting everyone know about our sport!!
PS the Pittsburgh Curling Club currently has 2 wheelchair curlers as members – and we’re looking for more! Let us know if you’re interested!