Game Timer

A game timer to keep games on track during bonspiels available for download. This is NOT a thinking time clock.

A big shout-out to Howard Griffin of the Potomac Curling Club for the initial idea.


The above screenshot is an example of, “Finish the end you’re on and play two more”. The timer is set to 90 minutes to complete 6 ends of an 8 end game. Progress bars show where games should be to stay on time. The screenshot is showing about halfway through the 3rd end. All settings are adjustable, so this far from the only option.

How we’re using it

We’re using an old PC with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installed as an appliance for running the timer. It’s not connected to the Internet. On startup it doesn’t require a login. Firefox browser is set to startup in kiosk mode. Turn the PC on, and the timer just appears.

The PC has two video ports to mirror two monitors. One monitor is with the PC in the warm room for the operator, the other monitor (65″ TV) is in the ice shed visible to the players. Since the TV is at the scoreboard end, we have CAT-6 running out to the TV and we use an HDMI over Ethernet Extender.


If you’re looking for a Windows installer, this isn’t it. Be brave.

Install Docker Engine following the instructions for your operating system at

Pull the compatible timer image from
pghcc/timer:amd64-<version> for Intel and AMD systems.
pghcc/timer:arm64-<version> for Apple Silicon and Raspberry PIs

Instructions for Debian based Linux

Pull version 0.1.0 of the Docker image down to your PC:
$ sudo docker pull pghcc/timer:amd64-0.1.0

Build the Docker container from version 0.1.0 of the image so it starts automatically on system boot:
$ sudo docker run -d --name timer -p 4001:4001 --restart unless-stopped pghcc/timer:amd64-0.1.0

Browse to http://localhost:4001 in your local browser to test.

Set Firefox as a startup application with the following command:
firefox –kiosk http://localhost:4001

Source Code