Fun and Games

On Friday, we’ll be doing THE BOX at each draw!! This is fun but if you don’t want to play, you don’t have to. During your match, any team that throws a rock meeting certain criteria (see the rules posted outside of the ice) can run over and grab the box from the last team to have it. Last team with the box in its possession when the FIRST MATCH of your draw ENDS – wins the box and its contents! Now – don’t get too excited. It’s not like the BOX is full of diamonds. But there are some fun items in there that Amy Hannan has worked hard to put together. So enjoy playing if you want (and try not to disturb those teams that don’t want to play too much).

Fun in the Sun!
No event here – just to let you know we’ll have some outdoor toys for you to play with if you’re interested – and we’ll have mini golf coupons for some discount on-site golfing. Relax and enjoy yourselves! Thanks to Matt Berwick for this idea.