Social Membership Options for the 2018 – 2019 season

Social Membership – Booster:  Membership confers active club status to the holder for the upcoming year.  You will receive all PghCC email communications regarding club activities and will be afforded all considerations  when you attempt to rejoin the club as a full member in a future season.  PghCC Boosters will not be registered with the USCA or GNCC, as a result the booster will not receive USCA or GNCC publications or be able to claim membership for curling at events run by those organizations.  Boosters will not be able to curl with the PghCC once per season as social members are.

PghCC Social Membership – Full:  Membership confers all of the benefits of the Social Booster level, plus the purchaser will be registered with both the USCA and GNCC, will receive all publications from these groups and be eligible for all benefits that membership in these groups confers.  A Full Social Member of the Pittsburgh Curling Club will be able to curl once per season as a spare in the Can Am or Olympic leagues.