Purchase of the Tap Club Property:

Work has begun at the McCoy road site! The finalized address of the PghCC is 491 McCoy road.

Ground breaking ceremonies took place on May 25th, 2019. The first work on the site began May 31st with the driveway cut being among the first actions.

You can view a gallery of photographs from the construction site on this page: McCoy Road construction

On 8/15/17, the Pittsburgh Curling Club finalized its purchase of 4.4 acres of land at 401 McCoy road in Stowe Township.

Building and Ice Design: The design committee continues to work on the details of our building.  

Key features of the design include: 

  • Elevated viewing – the warm room will be about 4 feet higher than the ice.
  • Restrooms, locker rooms, kitchen and broomstacking located to the side of the ice. – reduces congestion in the viewing area.
  • Isolated entrance vestibule and coat room
  • Emphasis on the best quality curling ice

We are currently breaking the site preparation and building construction tasks into manageable pieces to either subcontract out or to be performed by PCC volunteer labor.  If anyone in the club has a unique skillset related to construction, please contact Steve Buffington at president@pittsburghcurlingclub.com.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee continues to pursue additional funding and grant opportunities, It’s regularly scheduled meetings are listed in the club calendar. Everyone with interest is encouraged to attend.

Our lender has approved us for a loan amount that will allow us to build, we are finalizing the details of our contracts with the builders and our lender and we expect to be able to break ground this fall.

Much of our secondary funding will come in the form of loans to the club from our membership. If you are interested in making a loan to the curling club, please contact Steve Buffington at president@pittsburghcurlingclub.com to discuss the details.

Fund = Build = Curl