TropiCurl Rules

Tropicurl Rules of Play…

1. USCA Rules of Play shall govern the competition.
2. Teams may start with 3 players.
3. The draw posted at 5:00 PM on Thursday is the official draw.
4. Spares: Teams may arrange for a spare. Please inform the Drawmaster when arranging for spares. spares must play lead.
5. Late Teams: Opposition team is awarded one point an end for each 10 minutes that a team is late. If the late team arrives, the game begins in the end based on their lateness. If after 30 minutes, a team has not arrived for its scheduled game, it is deemed to forfeit move on according to the posted draw.
6. Late Players: Players may only join a game at the conclusion of an end. They cannot assist in any capacity during the interim.
7. Pace of play is eight ends in two hours. A countdown timer will be used to keep games on pace. The clock for your sheet will be started as your game starts and count down from 1 hour and 50 minutes. at the 10 minute remaining mark, the screen will turn yellow, giving teams a warning if they need to speed things up. When the clock reaches zero, the screen turns red. You may finish the end you are currently playing when the clock reaches zero, but please do not start another end.
The countdown clock will not be used for event finals.
8. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached in a specific play situation, the teams may request a bonspiel umpire to make a decision. Umpire names shall be posted in the Warm Room.
9. Tie Games: The game will be decided by “skips rocks” with sweeping by the delivering team. The opposing team may not sweep for skips rocks.
Event Finals shall be extra ends until there is a winner.

There’s just one other comment for right now about match play. We are given the hockey rink sometime late Tuesday night and work pretty much around the clock to get things ready by game time Thursday. We flood each of the playing sheets individually to get them level in three or four floods, which is all we have time for. We use 2″ wide strips of foam insulation between the sheets to do those floods. The insulation strips are not meant to be rock catchers and will break if hit with any force. Please attempt to stop your rocks at the edge of the sheet so we can minimize the insulation debris on the ice. Thanks.