Spares and League Members

There are a couple of categories of League members:Full Time League Member
SpareFull Time League Member
Full time league members are assigned to a team and play weekly. It is expected that
you’ll make almost ALL of your games.
Advantages include: Guaranteed scheduled weekly matches. Working with the same people weekly you’ll build a team that
works well together. Also – if your team wins the club championship – you’re on the trophy!Permanent Spare
You’re a full time club member and you pay the full member rate.
You email scheduling any week you’d like to play. You pick a time slot that you’d like to play in.
Odds are VERY good you’ll get to play any time you ask – we always need spares!
Advantages: meet LOTS of people and play on various teams with different skills.
Very flexible! If you can’t play one weekend – no worries! If you want to play most weekends – we can probably fit you in!
If you can only play early shift or late shift – you can request those specific matches!
If this is a good club member category for you, fill out the registration and just clearly write
Permanent Spare on the form (we failed to include this as a choice – oops).

Registration for the 2012-2013 season is now open!

Visit the Registration page for details and forms.