Draw Assignments


First draw times are assigned in the order of teams registration date and time.  To get in a 48 team bonspiel, we need to play 100 matches.  That means that 30 teams need to start on Thursday night and the remaining 18 teams start Friday morning.  All Pittsburgh teams are assigned a Thursday match.  The rest of the 1st draw assignments are determined based on the date and time of your registration.  Teams are given their lowest requested draw time (1st choice, then 2nd choice etc.) that is still available.  As we work through this process, the team representative will be contacted to let them know what their starting time will be.

The next step is to assign the pairings, within the assigned start time, so that teams from the same home club do not play each other for the first few rounds.  If needed, the entry points (loser to C102) into the 2nd and 3rd rounds will be changed a bit to help that work out.

Once we have the best alignment possible, the final draw will be posted on the website.


Steve Buffington,   Tropicurl Drawmaster